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Demonstration Speeches

The best place to find ideas for a demonstration or how-to speech is This web site gives you step-by-step instructions on how to do a variety of things in areas such as Arts & Crafts, Automotive, Business & Money, Family & Pets, Food & Drink, Health & Fitness, Home & Garden, Sports & Recreation, Style & Grace, Technology, Travel and even Writing & Speech. Another good web site to check out is

Household topics

How to fix a broken zipper
How to recycle
How to put up wallpaper
How to shingle a roof
How to remove a broken lightbulb

Food related topics

How to avoid E.Coli infection
How to be a good customer in a restuarant
How to make chocolate chip cookies
How to make "dirt" pudding
How to make pancakes
How to make a salad
History of the sandwich and how to make one
How to make Rice Krispie treats with the history of the Kellog's company or the history of marshmellows

School Related topics

How to prepare for finals
How to concentrate more in the classroom
How to take better notes

Sports & Recreation topics

How to successfully backpack
How to properly exercise

Health and Beauty topics

How to give yourself a manicure
How to braid hair

Miscellaneous topics

How to balance your checkbook
How to shop for electronics
How to fill out a tax form

Informative Speeches

Home and Car topics

Personal money management
House cleaning
Car care
Borrowing habits
Winter driving

School Related topics

Study techniques
Campus organizations
Class attendance
Library behavior
Job interviews
Language habits

Sports & Recreation topics

Vacations and such


Health topics

Avoiding skin cancer
Physical fitness
Safe sex
Non-smokers rights
Good grooming
Alcohol consumption
Diet & nutrition
Eating disorders
Sickle cell anemia

Government related topics

Driving laws
Airline safety

Social Topics

Common courtesy
Being on time
First dates
Rape and sexual assault

Biographical topics

Science and Nature topics

Forest fires
Energy conservation
Noise levels

Miscellaneous topics

Beer and beer making
Professional wrestling
World events
The elderly

The history/traditions of holidays

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